I’ve been lately practicing intentional photography - having a purpose and a general idea/plan in mind before making captures. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that the number of keepers has risen from an average of 2-6% to 15-25%!

Below I present two projects that I undertook during a recent stay in Seattle, Washington.


I love trains. It turns out that I love making pictures of them too! I suspect that together with landscapes and abandoned places trains are my favorite subjects.

I have asked a colleague to provide a map with markers to local trainspotting places. On a Saturday morning I packed the gear and went walking along one of the major lines.

I did not feel safe. Everywhere I found signs saying that trespassing is illegal and that BNSF police is going to arrest me. I was careful not to cross any legal lines. I wish I could get closer.


For the second project I took pictures of clocks I could find in our Seattle office. The building screams with interesting art objects and decorations.