This year I realized that I am wasteful with photo gear so I decided to switch to one digital camera system. I’ve sold all cameras and various gear I had from before and settled on Sony A7R. One thing I appreciated from my Canon collection is Yongnuo set of flashes and remote radio triggers. Yongnuo are inexpensive and for a price of one Canon flash I got two flashes and radio controllers. However, despite the fact the flash mounts are the same on Sony A7R and Canon 70D the Yongnuo RF603 radio trigger did not work.

Turns out the solution is one resistor away! I’ve discovered the following YouTube video that explains how to make the trigger work with Sony cameras. The solution is to solder a 120kOhm transistor between yellow wire and battery contact plate.

For years I have avoided any DIY job that requires soldering. I decided now it’s finally the time to purchase a solder iron and finally understand basics of electronics.

Aaaand success! The trigger now works great on Sony. I know this job was extremely simple but for me it has been satisfying to make a physical electronic thing work differently.