My name is Sergey Pisarenko. Sometimes I call myself Sergey Belkin. I live happily in Zürich, Switzerland with my wife Anna. I speak a little Züritutsch and German besides my native Russian along with English and Latvian.

You can reach me by e-mail at sergey at this domain.

I can’t really say much about myself because it’s obsolete as soon as I type it in and publish. At any given moment we’re nothing else but snapshots of our own developing selves. Especially my written words are likely to contradict each other as I change for the better or worse.

With that said there are few things about me that tend to persist. I am curious and observant. I tend to get excited often and quickly. While these traits occasionally land me in trouble I’m more likely to understand others and embrace change.

I love challenge and I can’t truly enjoy anything if it doesn’t involve a fair amount of pain and difficulty. Somehow I feel joy and pain are synonymous.

Professionally I pursue computer science. I hold a degree in computer science specializing in software engineering. I’ve went through a fun jack-of-all-trades experience and learned enough about myself to understand what are my main areas of interest.

My hobbies are the least stable part of me. An incomplete list of hobbies I’ve gone through with varying enthusiasm: windsurfing, weight lifting, RC helicopters, photography, algorithmic trading, climbing, snowboarding, motorcycling, kayaking… You get the idea. I’m currently training for a long course triathlon. From the three disciplines in triathlon I dig cycling the most. In fact, I’m a real bike freak with all the consequences. The least of which is that I own n+1 bikes and my home is decorated with bike art. I also savor a good hike or a climb in the mountains regardless of the time of the year. Oh, and whatever I do and wherever I go I like to take photos!