I’ve been sick in and out with all kinds of cold during past several weeks. I had a lucky break last weekend and went for a snowshoe hike in Arosa, Switzerland.

It has been the first time I’ve taken the snowshoes on. I had a misconception that snowshoes will let you float on the surface. They won’t. After a couple of hours I got a hang of it and could even run. I know I’ll be spending time outdoors so I splurged on luxurious MSR ascent snowshoes. These snowshoes have good grip - I could not slide even if I wanted to.

The hike itself has been rather easy and there was not much snow. However, it has been a good opportunity to get used to the snowshoes.

We have spent the day bathing in sun above a fog that covered most of central Switzerland. On our way back there was a 2 minute opportunity to shoot the fog and the sunset before descending back into fog’s vast but short-lived kingdom (we were changing train to bus as the regular train route was blocked by a rockfall).

And this time someone took a photo of me!

I’ve split the pictures into 2 thematic albums: