I have added a couple of sites and online magazines to my subscription list. Check out the News sources page for the full updated list:

  • Aeon magazine - Aeon Magazine is an online magazine about nature, culture and ideas.

  • Aeon film - Aeon Film screens contemporary and classic short documentaries, exploring the intersections between nature, culture and ideas.

  • Habrahabr - (Russian) an online tech-oriented community/aggregator. Most of the articles are written from scratch, rather than republished. I had to spend considerable amount of time unsubscribing from different channels to bring volume down to a manageable level. But apart from that inconvenince there is lots of interesting material that is not published anywhere else.

  • Digital Photography School - regular tips and guides on digital photography. I like the amount of published material. Frequent enough to be intersting to follow but not as much to become overwhelming.