The sorrows of high-paid work

What to do when you’re in a handsomely paid position but feel dreadful of most working days? When you feel like you’re not challenged, your mind rotting away while others are excited about their work? What to do when you’re paid a fortune to do the work you hate or even abhor? I wish I have come across a post like this 2, 3, maybe 4 years ago. I probably won’t open anyone’s eyes but if just one person in the same pair of shoes finds this post encouraging and gets provoked to think further I consider my mission complete.

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The many faces of my consumerism addiction

Just like junkies deny their addictions I denied mine for as long as I could. Perhaps I am predisposed to addictions as I notice just how quickly obsessions form in my mind from even the most remote sparks of excitement. Mainstream drugs – alcohol, nicotine, etc – have never caught my fancy but the more subtle hijackers haven’t left my brain’s reward system untouched. In this post I’m going share my struggle against a deeply rooted consumerism addiction that I have only recently taken a hold of. [Read More]

Farewell, BMW F800GS Adventure!

Yes, my beloved motorbike is gone to another owner. This leaves me with zero motorized vehicles. At the outset of 2016 I have decided to part ways with a BMW F800GS Adventure I had purchased brand new about two years ago. With a little help from my matchmaking the beamer and the new owner successfully found each other and left the garage not to be seen again. I’ll keep fond memories of the wonderful spaceship-like machine that enabled an epic and life-changing 8000Km tour of Northern and Central Europe and left positive emotions. I don’t intend to completely quit riding bikes but I have no intentions to own another motorbike in foreseeable future.

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I FUCKING DID IT” keeps resonating in my head as I am crossing the finish line. I can already feel latent excruciating pain (amplified by an adrenaline-fueled last half-mile sprint) slowly setting in. Few minutes later I won’t be able to walk but at this glorious energizing moment I feel that my whole life is coming together.*

That’s how successfully finishing a half-marathon felt to me.

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Why I have quit an awesome job

I woke up at five in the morning today and headed to the airport with my beloved wife to fly out to celebrate our wedding anniversary on one of the beautiful Greek islands. As I am typing this on my computer during the flight I do not yet fully comprehend that our vacation is not going to end like most vacations do: two weeks later at the office. That is because earlier in May I inked a decision to voluntarily resign from one of the best places to work in the world. Since I made the announcement I have been predominantly asked three questions:

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The problems I don't have

The bookshelves and the Internet are filled with articles and books containing life-changing ideas. Between fiction, non-fiction, psychology, biographies and self-help literature lies a curriculum unfulfillable in thousands of life times. Many of the ideas have the potential to drastically improve one’s life. But there is a world of difference between just agreeing and truly internalizing any one of those ideas. And there’s even a wider gap between applying an idea in a safe limited environment versus applying it in a high stakes situation. [Read More]