Sergey's Bikeporn '18: June Issue

Niner RLT adventure bike build

Another month, another bike. Welcome to the June issue of Sergey’s Bikeporn magazine. Cycling season is in full swing and there’s one thing I learned regarding bike builds and upgrades: never do any serious changes during the season. Only fixes or minor maintenance tasks. The risk of losing a rideable bike due to complications is just too damn high. We only got so much time in our lives. Wisely, I’ve built the bike I’m going to talk about in winter. [Read More]

Sergey's Bikeporn '18: May Issue

A rebuild of an abused Dahon foldable bicycle

It is time for some bike photos! Last year I purchased a used foldable bike through an on-line auction for what seemed like a bargain price. Despite being in a deeply sad and abused state that bike looked cheerfully yellow. The bike also came with a bull-horn handlebar and road-bike STI shifters. It’s not difficult to come up with an excuse to buy a new bike. For that reason I could easily justify a foldable bike as means to do quick errands, like getting to the closest car sharing station. [Read More]

30th anniversary bike tour

2 days, from North to South along route 3

Not even a week has passed since the Ironman bike race but I was already on two wheels cycling across Switzerland. I’ve crossed Switzerland once from West to East in just one go but last week I turned 30 so I looked for something less challenging and more relaxing to celebrate the moment. I took a Friday off and went off on a 2-day bike tour across the country. This time from North to South…

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