Sergey's Bikeporn '18: May Issue

A rebuild of an abused Dahon foldable bicycle

It is time for some bike photos! Last year I purchased a used foldable bike through an on-line auction for what seemed like a bargain price. Despite being in a deeply sad and abused state that bike looked cheerfully yellow. The bike also came with a bull-horn handlebar and road-bike STI shifters. It’s not difficult to come up with an excuse to buy a new bike. For that reason I could easily justify a foldable bike as means to do quick errands, like getting to the closest car sharing station. [Read More]

30th anniversary bike tour

2 days, from North to South along route 3

Not even a week has passed since the Ironman bike race but I was already on two wheels cycling across Switzerland. I’ve crossed Switzerland once from West to East in just one go but last week I turned 30 so I looked for something less challenging and more relaxing to celebrate the moment. I took a Friday off and went off on a 2-day bike tour across the country. This time from North to South…

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Bike tour in canton Jura

Summer is starting well...

Summer 2017 is off to a great start! I’ve been using every opportunity to get out and ride. Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to squeeze in 3 Uetliberg ascents / descents (with one over-the-handlebars crash), regular rides with the Zurich/Zug peloton group as well as other local rides. Last Thursday was a holiday so I took Friday off and made a long weekend to make the best out of the great weather. I cycled through canton Jura (rather a part of it) in 2 days. Jura is beautiful! And the tour turned out to be quite difficult…

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