30th anniversary bike tour

2 days, from North to South along route 3

Not even a week has passed since the Ironman bike race but I was already on two wheels cycling across Switzerland. I’ve crossed Switzerland once from West to East in just one go but last week I turned 30 so I looked for something less challenging and more relaxing to celebrate the moment. I took a Friday off and went off on a 2-day bike tour across the country. This time from North to South…

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Bike tour in canton Jura

Summer is starting well...

Summer 2017 is off to a great start! I’ve been using every opportunity to get out and ride. Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to squeeze in 3 Uetliberg ascents / descents (with one over-the-handlebars crash), regular rides with the Zurich/Zug peloton group as well as other local rides. Last Thursday was a holiday so I took Friday off and made a long weekend to make the best out of the great weather. I cycled through canton Jura (rather a part of it) in 2 days. Jura is beautiful! And the tour turned out to be quite difficult…

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Cube Cross Disc Mk3

I have purchased the Cube Cross Disc bicycle second-hand back in 2014 as an ultimate do-it-all machine to replace somewhat petite BMC hybrid bike I had started cycling on. No other bike in my stable went through as many alterations as the venerable Cube, transitioning from an object of admiration to almost scrap and most recently getting resurrected to fulfill a pragmatic new purpose. It was the bike I rode during the legendary Rhine tour. Perhaps it is also the bike I’ve learned most of the bike mechanic skills on.

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